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Fit Ocean

Fit Ocean kayak seat

Fit Ocean Fit Ocean kayak seat
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The Fit Ocean Kayak seat gives you the opportunity to get more out of your SUP. On long distances or on any other adventure you can switch from Stand-up paddling to sitting down in no time. The Fit Ocean Kayak seat is easy to connect to any iSUP that has 4 D-rings pre-installed to the board. Connect the clips of the Seat to the D-rings, tighten the straps so that you can sit comfortably and you’re ready to go.

The Fit Ocean Kayak seat is equipped with rust-proof brass clips and an extra high backrest and made with strong Neoprene fabric. This makes the seat maintenance friendly and suited for every length of rider. The seat is foldable so it’s easy to carry along with the rest of your iSUP gear.

Suited for:

Aqua Marina:Breeze, Vapor, Fusion, Monster, Beast, Magma en Atlas
Fit Ocean:   Magic Glide en Cruise
Stardupp: Level, Next, Evo, Vantage, Limited en Savor
BrandFit Ocean