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Overboard Pro-light Backpack zwart

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The Overboard pro-light waterproof backpack really should be your Backpack of choice. The Overboard pro-light waterproof backpack protects your gear from water, sand, dirt and dust. You can take this bag out on the water without any worries. The Overboard pro-light waterproof backpack is waterproof, suitable for quick submersion and even floats when you drop it.

The Overboard Pro-Light range of Waterproof Backpacks are manufactured from feather light and environmentally friendly TPU materials. They are designed for when every ounce counts. With a seamless high frequency welded construction and a simple to use two-way sealing system (top or side) this backpack is Class 3: IP66 waterproof (protected against heavy rain and waves of water). From the large front mesh zip pocket with reflective strips to the padded shoulder straps and air-flow back panel, this feature-packed OverBoard Pro-Light Waterproof Backpack is a comfortable and handy bit of kit for any water-based sportsman or cyclist.

To use the waterproof backpack all you have to do is load your belongings inside. Roll neck tightly towards the front of the waterproof backpack 3 times Bring ends together or to the side and buckle to securely fasten to create a waterproof seal. After that you’re ready to go!

Available in sizes:
12 L (H: 35cm x W: 22 x D: 16cm)
20 L (H: 44cm x W: 22 x D: 19cm)
30 L (H: 46cm x W: 28 x D:  24cm)

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