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Starboard 12'6 Touring Wave

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The STARBOARD 12'6 TOURING WAVE is suitable for riders up to 110kg, the 12'6″ combines a balance of speed, stability and manoeuvrability. Its narrow width makes it the fastest to paddle and the easiest to follow in a straight line. The parallel outline restores the lost stability of the stick plane and provides a more balanced glide.

The Starboard Touring Tikhine Wave 12'6 has a unique design by Sonni Hönscheid. The Starboard Tikhine boards are the artistic variation of the Starboard Deluxe series.

The Edge Release technology reduces drag by creating a laminar flow behind the board, while the Welding technology makes the board stronger and lasts longer.

Each Starboard inflatable paddle board has welded rails.

Welded Rails Technology creates a completely airtight, mechanically welded seam without the risk of the glue weakening over time. This makes the board stronger and longer lasting.

The narrow middle section of the outline & the wide tail make for fast gliding and stable and easy turning.

Easy to keep the paddle close & vertical, which improves tracking and reduces the number of times you have to change paddle from side to side while paddling.

The Fusion Woven drop stitch makes the Deluxe boards extra strong and stiff.
The board features the rock-solid 'Heat Welded Double Layer' construction and the advanced 'Woven Drop Stitch' manufacturing technique. Drop Stitch are the polyester yarns that are stretched between the top and bottom of the SUP board. This gives the inflatable SUP boards more stiffness and saves weight.

This set is delivered with:

- Deluxe Recover Backpack
- Tiki pump
- 2IN1 Shoulder Carry Strap
- Lightweight Leash
- Removable centre fin
- Repair kit



Please note that this product comes without a paddle!

Article codeStarboardWave12'6
Width (cm)76,2
Thickness (cm)
Volume (liter)281
Board weight (kg)9,9
Max rider weight (kg)110
Max. payload (kg)
FinDol-fin 22″
Max. PSI18