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Starboard - Touring Tikhine Sun 11'6 - SUP Board


The Starboard Touring Tikhine 11'6 has a unique design designed by Sonni Hönscheid. Not only the design appeals to the imagination, also the quality and finish of the board is sublime. The Starboard Tikhine boards are the artistic variation on the Starboard Deluxe boards.

Starboard is a leading SUP brand. They stand for innovation and quality. The Fusion Technology is Starboard's own invention and was a revolutionary step in the production of inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards worldwide. The two layers of a Double Layer board were glued together before this invention, until Starboard developed a technique to fuse the two PVC layers after years of product research. This new 'Fusion' construction saved weight, vastly improved the stiffness and durability of inflatable Paddleboards. The Touring Tikhine 11'6 features the rock-solid 'Heat Welded Double Layer' construction and the advanced 'Woven Drop Stitch' production technique.

Note: This product does NOT come with a paddle.


Includes Starboard Recover Backpack

The Starboard Tikhine 11'6 comes with the Deluxe Recover Backpack. This is an ergonomic trolley case made from recycled plastic bottles. The bag has many handy pockets and compartments. The backpack has a high-quality robust YKK zipper that is resistant to corrosion.


Includes Starboard Tiki Pump

The Starboard Touring Tikhine 11'6 comes with the Double Action Premium Tiki hand pump. A 'Double Action' pump, pumps air into the SUP with both a push and pull movement, allowing the board to be inflated twice as fast. If the pulling movement becomes too heavy, you can manually switch to 'Single Action'. Air is then only pumped into the board during the pushing movement. The Tiki pump has comfortable handles that fit well in the hand. The hose of a hand pump often breaks. Starboard has also thought of that and has found a simple solution by attaching the hose to the pump in a different way. The pump is largely made from recycled fishing nets from the Indian Ocean.


Includes Starboard Shoulder Strap

The Starboard Touring Tikhine 11'6 comes with the Starboard Shoulder Strap. A shoulder strap with comfortably soft cushions on which the board can be easily lifted. The shoulder strap also functions as a paddle holder, so you have both hands free. The shoulder strap is elastic so that it is stretched tightly over the SUP board when the board is not being worn.


Includes Lightweight Leash - Starboard

The supplied leash weighs only 70 grams. The leash is made of Yulex, a strong and natural material. The leash flattens when stepped on. The strap of the leash is pleasantly comfortable.