Airtrack Electric Pump Purchase

When it comes to sports and fitness, every minute counts. The last thing you want is to spend time manually inflating your Airtrack. While this can be a good warm-up exercise for your airtrack sessions, it remains an annoying chore. At StardUpp, we understand this like no other! That's why we've developed the ultimate electric Airtrack pump that combines convenience, speed, and efficiency. Our electric pump is not just designed to work quickly, but also to integrate seamlessly with your airtrack. The motor is exceptionally powerful, inflating the mat in record time. The noise level of the electric airtrack pump is also not excessively loud. Every pump ensures that your airtrack can be inflated to its maximum, preventing over-inflation of your cherished inflatable mat. The airtrack electric pump comes with 3 attachments allowing you to inflate other inflatable products like your Funtube or air mattress. Ease of use is further enhanced by the one-touch on/off button; the pump takes care of the rest. We've also considered the deflate function: simply move the hose from the outlet to the inlet, and in no time, your airtrack will be as flat as a coin, ready to fold up and store in your handy airtrack bag. Each pump comes with a detailed manual and connection options for various types of Airtracks.

Airtrack Repair Kit

Nothing disrupts a training session more than unexpected damage to your Airtrack. That's why we've thought of everyone who has accidentally placed the airtrack on something razor-sharp, causing it to puncture. The StardUpp Airtrack repair kit comes with special glue, a valve, and 2 PVC patches. Not only is this repair kit practical and user-friendly, but like all our other products, it's backed by our 3-year warranty. This means you don't have to worry about the quality and durability of the included materials. The repair kit has been specially formulated to work seamlessly with our Airtracks, ensuring you get a reliable and long-lasting repair. With hundreds of positive customer reviews, you can trust you're getting a top-quality product. It's not just any repair kit; it's a testament to our dedication to offering you the best in performance and reliability.





With the Airtrack Connector, Turn Multiple Airtracks into a Long Training Floor

Imagine an expansive long training floor made up of multiple Airtracks. This is possible with our specially designed Airtrack connector. Whether you run a gym, are part of a gymnastics team, or an ambitious gymnast looking for more space for complex routines, our Airtrack connector makes it all possible. Made from high-quality materials that are both durable and flexible, connecting two or more Airtracks is a breeze. The airtrack connector features robust velcro and is super easy to attach to the end of the airtrack mat.

It not only provides a larger training surface but also enhances the versatility of your existing equipment. Suddenly, complex exercises and routines that would otherwise have been out of reach become possible. Like all other products in our catalog, this Airtrack connector is backed by a 3-year warranty. We guarantee the lowest price for the highest quality, backed by the best service. Our premium manufacturing process ensures that each connector meets the strictest quality requirements, and with hundreds of positive customer reviews, you know you're making a wise choice.

Airtrack Valve Key

The importance of a properly functioning valve in your Airtrack cannot be stressed enough. An air leak or poorly installed valve can completely disrupt your training session. That's why at StardUpp, we've developed a specialized Airtrack valve key designed to ensure optimal airflow. The key is easy to use and made of robust, durable materials that will last a lifetime. Thanks to its ergonomic grip, you can effortlessly tighten the valve without any wear and tear. However, never unscrew the valve. If you accidentally do, we recommend purchasing the airtrack repair kit, which includes a new valve.

Airtrack Carry Bag and Trolley

Transporting your Airtrack can sometimes be challenging, especially if you're frequently on the move for training or competitions. At StardUpp, we've devised the perfect solution: an Airtrack carry bag, and for those who need it, our StardUpp trolley. Suppose you want to practice on the beach, for instance. In that case, the trolley is handy to have so you can place all your training materials on it. During low tide, you can easily pull the trolley across the beach. These accessories are specifically designed to transport your Airtrack safely and conveniently. The carry bag is made of weather-resistant, durable fabrics and comes with comfortable carrying straps. The trolley is ideal if you're dealing with longer distances or want to move multiple Airtracks at once.