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Individual wakeboard or a wakeboard set

If you prefer to buy an individual wakeboard, you can easily select your new wakeboard using the size chart. If you'd rather have everything arranged at once, choose one of the wakeboard sets selected by our wakeboard professionals. This way, you can select your wakeboard set with wakeboard bindings, a perfectly fitting wakeboard helmet, the wakeboard rope, and wakeboard storage bag all at once. Opting for this option not only gives you a great wakeboard set but also saves you money. We're happy to advise you in the showroom on which wakeboard set suits you best.

Choosing the wakeboard size

To perfectly match your wakeboard to your height and weight, you need to select the correct size for your new wakeboard. It is essential to glide over the water with the right buoyancy and experience the ultimate wakeboarding sensation. For this purpose, we have provided an overview of all available sizes on the Wakeboard Size Chart page. Once you have selected your wakeboard size, you will see a clear overview of the wakeboards that are suitable for you.

Wakeboard rocker line

The rocker line, also known as the shape of the wakeboard, largely determines the wakeboard's riding characteristics. There are two types of rockers: continuous and 3-stage. The differences between these two types of rockers are explained below.

Continuous rocker wakeboard

A continuous rocker wakeboard, such as the [name of a wakeboard], has a rounded shape, also known as a curved shape. Wakeboards with a continuous rocker provide a fast and smooth ride, allowing you to turn with ease. These boards offer speed and a predictable pop (height).

3-stage rocker wakeboard

A 3-stage rocker wakeboard has three distinct flat spots on the bottom of the board. A 3-stage rocker gives a wakeboard more pop (height) when hitting the wake. Wakeboards with a 3-stage rocker have a flat spot in the middle of the board, which provides a sticky feeling upon landing. These wakeboards are generally a bit slower during boarding.

Hybrid rocker wakeboard

This is a combination of a continuous rocker and a 3-stage rocker.

Choosing wakeboard length

When choosing a wakeboard, size is very important. A board that is too small will make the riding characteristics of the board very nervous, while a board that is too large will not be very maneuverable. The size chart below will help you determine which size is most suitable.

Wakeboarder's Weight

Wakeboard Length in CM

Up to 45kg > Less than 130cm

40kg to 70kg > Between 130cm - 134cm

60kg to 80kg > Between 135cm - 139cm

80kg to 110kg > Between 139cm - 144cm

90kg to 120kg > Greater than 144cm

Base wakeboard

When using obstacles, it is important to have a strong base. A sintered base is very strong and can withstand anything. All Humanoid Wakeboards come with a sintered base and are excellent for wakeboarding at a cable park.

Park wakeboard or boat wakeboard

There is a big difference between wakeboards suitable for behind the boat or behind the cable. Boat wakeboards are often very stiff. This type of wakeboard has channels, and you almost always ride the boat wakeboard with wakeboard fins. Park wakeboards always have a continuous rocker shape and can be ridden without wakeboard fins. Wakeboards like park wakeboards are specially optimized for obstacles.