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Humanoid Oracle wakeboard


This cross-over wakeboard is made to ride cable park as well as behind the boat. The Oracles unique shape allows for progression at any level. By having a straight edge in the middle and sharply angled board corners, the Oracle feels very stable when on edge and creates lots of speed of the Wake. The board feels loose and playfull when flat but maintains a nimble side to side response and super soft landings because of the slightly elevated spine. The spine flattens out towards the tip and tail of the board, making it easy to press on rails.  

The Humanoid Oracle is made with a Sandwich construction. This means the layers of composites are stacked on top of each other and pressed while being heated. This process is a bit more labor intensive compared to traditional compression molded foam boards but gives it a far better and stronger result. To make the perfect wakeboard for cable parks and behind the boat, Humanoid has used the process of “flexcavation”. By milling arcs and channels in the core of the board, they managed to activate areas of flex while remaining the strength and integrity of each board. The UHMW sintered base is one of the most durable bases on the market, this means your board won’t get slow or sticky on the rails and obstacles over time. This wakeboard is equipped with, what humanoid calls: gnarwalls. Special designed side walls to take a beating.

If you’re looking for a park and boat cross-over wakeboard which is easy to turn, fast, soft on the landings and still good on rails. Then the Oracle is the choice for you

Article codeH116-0037
TypeCross-over Wakeboard
Core materialPaulownia Wood
Length137 cm || 140 cm || 143 cm
Width (cm)43 cm || 43.5 cm || 44.5 cm
Weight3.6 kg || 3.7 kg || 3.8 kg
ChannelDouble Concave
Rocker typeContinuos
Rocker height6.6 cm || 7.1 cm || 7.6 cm
Insert distances55 - 65 cm || 56 - 66 cm || 57 - 67 cm