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Buy a Hand air sup pump or electric sup pump online

Almost all SUP boards come standard with a hand pump. These hand pumps can pressurize all boards excellently. The time in which this happens depends on the pace at which it is pumped, and how much air needs to be in your SUP board. Of course, you don't have to do everything by hand if you don't feel like it. To make it easy for yourself, you naturally choose a StardUpp automatic air pump. An automatic electric air pump is our best-selling air pump. Besides the various options to purchase another SUP air pump, we also offer a wide range of SUP accessories. From fins to pumps to the Aqua Marina blue Fin X PRO.

What should I pay attention to when inflating my SUP board?

The inflatable SUP boards that Wakestore has in its assortment come with a manual and it is always indicated on the valve of the SUP board how much air pressure (PSI/Bar) your SUP board can have. Every air pump comes with an air pressure gauge. This is essential because the pressure gauge shows how much air is in the inflatable SUP board at that moment. When your inflatable SUP board already appears to be quite full of air, it may be that the pressure gauge does not indicate anything yet. The best advice is to keep pumping until the pressure gauge starts to indicate the air pressure. The pressure gauge on the electric air pumps indicates via the automatic pressure gauge directly how much air pressure is in your SUP board.

Hand air sup pump double action

The term double-action only applies to hand air pumps. This means that both strokes, from top to bottom and from bottom to top, air is pumped into the SUP board. With the Stardupp Y2 double action air SUP pump, you can easily inflate your SUP board wherever you want. Then you simply store it in your waterproof backpack. Due to the light weight of the double action air pump, you always take the air pump with you everywhere without realizing it.

SUP Air Pump and Electric SUP Pumps: Quality and Reliability at Wakestore

At Wakestore you will find the best selection of SUP air pumps and electric SUP pumps for your inflatable SUP board, Funtube, inflatable kayak, and more. With 15 years of experience, we are now the best SUP store in the Netherlands and with our StardUpp line we are the absolute top brand. With our StardUpp products, you are always guaranteed the best quality at the lowest price.

Which SUP pump should I buy?

At Wakestore, we are proud to offer a wide range of SUP air pumps and electric SUP pumps. We have a choice of electric SUP pumps from, for example, Outdoor Master and Stardupp. Easily inflate your inflatable SUP, Funtube or inflatable Kayak with 12V, 220V or battery in no time with the Outdoor master 12 volt 20 psi sup pump. Or choose the StardUpp 12V li-ion rechargeable electric SUP pump for ultimate convenience. Our Stardupp and Outdoor Master electric air pumps both belong to premium brands of electric air pumps.

Electric SUP Pumps from Wakestore

Our electric SUP pumps, such as the StardUpp 12 volt sup pump, the Outdoor Master sup pump, make inflating your SUP, funtube but also other inflatable water sports products a piece of cake. The Outdoor Master Shark 20 psi 12v Pump is a popular model because of its powerful performance and durability, but also the StardUpp 12V connect pump is an electric SUP pump that you can choose without problems if you are looking for a reliable electric SUP pump.

Manual SUP Air Pumps

Prefer to show off muscles and prefer to pump manually? Then check out the double action SUP pumps from StardUpp and Aqua Marina. These pumps are designed to quickly and efficiently inflate your SUP board. With our double action manual SUP air pumps, you can quickly get on the water with a bit of sweat. All our pumps are equipped with a built-in pressure gauge so you can always be sure that your SUP board has been inflated between 12 and 18 psi.