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Materials of SUP Paddles

The material of the SUP paddle determines its weight and stiffness. A lighter SUP paddle, such as the carbon SUP paddle, is obviously more enjoyable, as it requires less effort for each paddle stroke. The stiffness of the SUP paddle determines how much it flexes with the water. A stiffer SUP paddle loses less energy and power per stroke.

Aluminum SUP Paddle

An aluminum SUP paddle is relatively light and sturdy. It can withstand a lot and is great for beginners. Aluminum is a heavier material compared to fiberglass or carbon. Almost all SUP boards come with an aluminum SUP paddle as a standard. The aluminum SUP paddle is a good paddle to start with.

Fiberglass/Carbon SUP Paddles

SUP paddles made of a combination of fiberglass and carbon materials are lighter and sturdier than aluminum SUP paddles. The ratio between fiberglass and carbon is often indicated as "Carbon 45," which means the SUP paddle consists of 45% carbon and 55% fiberglass. The higher the percentage of carbon, the stiffer and lighter the SUP paddle will be.

Carbon SUP Paddle

Carbon is the best material for a SUP paddle. Carbon is the strongest and lightest material from which a SUP paddle can be made. This means your arms will tire less quickly, allowing you to cover longer distances while SUPing.

If you are a beginner paddleboarder, an aluminum SUP paddle is fine to start with. But if you are already experienced and looking to take the next step, choose a carbon SUP paddle. The more carbon in a SUP paddle, the better it is. Carbon paddles are stronger and make longer paddling sessions well worth the extra cost.

Length of Your SUP Paddle

The proper length of the SUP paddle ensures you can generate enough power and reduces the risk of injuries. The ideal length of the SUP paddle varies for each paddler. The easiest way to determine the correct length is shown below:

Surfing waves: length + 15-20 cm All-round SUP: length + 18-23 cm Racing: length + 21-26 cm

Of course, these are just guidelines, and ultimately, each paddler will adjust the SUP paddle length according to their own preference.