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Waterproof duffel bags from Overboard

Overboard is known for its high-quality waterproof bags, such as the waterproof duffel bags. They are designed to keep your belongings dry and safe, regardless of the weather or conditions. With an Overboard duffel bag, you choose a reliable brand, quality, and excellent customer service.

Choose from 30 Different Waterproof Duffel Bags

In our webshop, we offer a wide selection of Overboard waterproof duffel bags. Our waterproof duffel bags are suitable for your most water-intensive activities and needs. Whether you're looking for a compact waterproof duffel bag for a day trip or a larger bag for longer adventures, we have it in stock. Our bags range in size from 20 liters to 90 liters, so you can always find the right size.

IP Ratings for every need

Our Overboard duffel bags come with different IP ratings to meet all your waterproof requirements. The IP64 duffel bags are resistant to rain and mist, ideal for light water sports and traveling in wet conditions. For ultimate protection, we also offer IP66 duffel bags that are completely waterproof and protect your belongings from even the heaviest rain showers and water sports conditions.

Why buy your Overboard duffel bag at

You buy your new waterproof duffel bag at because we are the Overboard duffel bag specialist in the Netherlands. Overboard waterproof duffel bags of the highest quality for the best price with a 3-year warranty. Additionally, we offer excellent customer service and fast delivery, so you can quickly hit the road with your new bag. Also handy if you're going touring with your SUP board!

Specifications and benefits of our waterproof duffel bags

The waterproof duffel bags from Overboard are designed with attention to detail and functionality. They feature robust handles and shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, waterproof zippers for extra protection, and various storage compartments for organized packing. The bags are made of durable materials that withstand wear and tear, ensuring you enjoy your purchase for many years.

Different sizes of waterproof duffel bags for various applications

Our collection of waterproof duffel bags includes various sizes to meet different needs. For a short trip or day out, a 20-liter bag is ideal. Need more space for a longer trip or camping? Our 60-liter and 90-liter bags offer plenty of room for all your belongings. The waterproof duffel bags are perfect not only for water sports but also for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and cycling.

Order your Overboard waterproof duffel bag now at

So, are you looking for a high-quality waterproof duffel bag for your next adventure? Look no further! At, we have a wide range of Overboard duffel bags, suitable for everyone and every situation. Visit our website and order your waterproof duffel bag today.

With our waterproof duffel bags, you are always well-prepared, whether you're going on a kayaking holiday, sailing, or just facing a rainy day in the city. Invest in quality and reliability with Overboard and enjoy worry-free travel and adventure.