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Discover Our Extensive Range of SUP Accessories

At Wakestore, we have a large number of SUP accessories, both from StardUpp and Aqua Marina. Below are the most requested SUP accessories.

StardUpp SUP Trolley

The StardUpp sup trolley is incredibly handy as a tool to transport your SUP-board easily and effortlessly. Thanks to its light and durable design, the large wheels, lifting your SUP board has become a thing of the past. You can also transport your StardUpp Discovery Kayak with this SUP trolley. If you don't have a StardUpp sup board or Kayak, no problem! Your Aqua Marina, Fit Ocean or other brand Supboards also fit on the StardUpp SUP trolley.

SUP Roof Rack Set for Your Car

With our SUP Roof Rack Set, you can securely attach your SUP-board to the roof of your car. The set is compatible with most car models and is easy to install and dismantle.

StardUpp Kayak Seat

The StardUpp Kayak Seat is a comfortable and adjustable kayak seat that you can easily attach to the D-rings of the StardUpp SUP Boards. StardUpp SUP Boards, with the exception of the StardUpp Race, all have D-rings.

StardUpp SUP Trolley Backpack

Take your SUP-board and accessories everywhere with the StardUpp SUP Trolley Backpack. Our SUP trolley backpack has enough storage space for your SUP and SUP accessories. The StardUpp SUP trolley Backpack is made of super strong durable material.

SUP Dog Pad

Is your dog also crazy about supping? From now on you can always take your dog with the SUP dog pad from StardUpp. The pad is made of soft and durable material, does not slip and ensures that your dog can stand stable and comfortable on the board.

SUP Fin Buy

The SUP fin is an essential part of your SUP equipment. With the right fin under your sup board, your SUP board will maintain a straight line easier when stand up paddling and you have to switch sides less often. We have different SUP fins available and in stock. Do you want to know which SUP fin fits best with your sup board? Ask our SUP board specialists in the store or check out the different SUP fins in the shop.

Kayak Footrest

The Kayak footrest provides extra comfort and support during paddling, giving you more control over your SUP-board or kayak. Our kayak footrest is easy to attach to the Stardupp kayak seat.

StardUpp SUP Paddle Holder

With the StardUpp SUP paddle holder, losing your sup paddle should be a thing of the past. Attach your sup paddle firmly to your SUP with the Paddle holder. Go unhindered without your paddle running off!

SUP Repair Kit

The SUP repair Kit! Always good for the holidays or if you want to make long SUP tours.

Stardupp Sup Backpack

The Stardupp sup backpack with zipper is a sturdy and practical bag for storing and transporting your SUP-board and accessories. The bag is made of durable materials and has enough space for all your necessities.

SUP Cleaner

With the SUP cleaner, your SUP-board remains in optimal condition. This effective cleaner removes dirt, salt, and other impurities from your board, making it look new again and last longer.

SUP Paddle Floater

The Paddle Floater prevents your paddle from sinking if it accidentally falls into the water. This handy accessory is easy to attach to your paddle and ensures you never end up without a paddle while supping.

Aqua Marina Bluedrive S Power Fin

The Aqua Marina Bluedrive S Power Fin is an innovative, motorized fin that gives you extra speed and power while supping. The fin is easy to install and use. With the Bluedrive S from Aqua Marina, you can easily cover larger sup distances.

Aqua Marina Bluedrive X Pro Propulsion

The Aqua Marina Bluedrive X Pro Propulsion is an advanced propulsion system that takes your SUP experience to an absolutely higher level. With the Aqua Marina Bluedrive X Pro's powerful motor, you can paddle against the current with ease.

Kayak Wall Rack

Don't want to inflate your Kayak every time but store it easily in the garage, shed, or under a canopy in the garden? With the Kayak Wall Rack, you can easily and safely store your kayak. This sturdy rack is made of durable materials and can be easily attached to the wall.

StardUpp SUP Leash

Always a pre! Order your SUP leash for the lowest price quickly in our webshop.

Aqua Marina Fin Box Adapter for Bluedrive Use on StardUpp SUP Boards

With the Aqua Marina Fin Box Adapter, you can easily attach the Aqua Marina Bluedrive motors to your StardUpp SUP-board. This handy adapter provides seamless integration.

SUP Valve from StardUpp

The SUP valve from StardUpp is a high-quality valve specifically designed for use on StardUpp SUP-boards. The valve provides excellent airtightness and is easy to install and use.

StardUpp Luggage Elastic

Your StardUpp luggage elastic allows you to take extra luggage during your sup trip. The luggage elastic is easy to attach, for example, your waterproof bag on the SUP board. The elastic is strong, flexible, and easy to use, so you can take everything you need for a day on the water.

StardUpp Pressure Gauge for Sup Boards

With the StardUpp pressure gauge, you can accurately measure the air pressure of your inflatable SUP-board. Optimal air pressure ensures the best performance and stability on the water. This handy accessory is a must-have for every SUP'er who wants to perfectly adjust his or her board.

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At Wakestore, you are welcome 6 days a week to view our range of SUP accessories in the store. Our specialized staff are always ready to help you find the perfect accessories for your SUP board.