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Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina BlueDrive X PRO Propulsion

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Aqua Marina BlueDrive X PRO Propulsion -Double battery

Aqua Marina introduces the new BLUEDRIVE X, the most innovative underwater propulsion system. Highly intelligent and equipped for a multitude of adventures, this all-in-one kit opens the doors to endless possibilities in and on the water. Made for water lovers who want it all. The BLUEDRIVE X is ready to be your companion for SUP, kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, diving and more. With its 3 speed settings, you can reach speeds of up to 7 km/h in the water.

The powerful propeller and its innovative motor design gives a 6.5kg propulsion. With the included wristwatch, the 3 speed settings are easy to set. On the handle, while snorkelling and diving, you can use the trigger to set your speed. The concise dashboard on the watch helps you keep abreast of the BLUEDRIVE's speed phase and battery status. While diving, it is possible to use the lights and take the best photos using the camera holder.

The Bluedrive X is available in two versions, the BLUEDRIVE X with 100Wh (up to 60 min of use) and the BLUEDRIVE X PRO with 200Wh, the PRO even has up to 2 hours of battery life!

All Aqua Marina BlueDrive motors can be used with SUP Boards from Aqua Marina but also brands like Stardupp, Fit Ocean, among others, and all brands of SUP boards/kayaks with a Slide in fin system. The BlueDrive also fits SUP boards with a US Box fin system using the Aqua Marina US Fin Box Adapter.

  • Fits on: Aqua Marina Boards, Stardupp, Fit Ocean and all SUP/kajaks with slide vin
  • Can be used on US Fin Box with: US Fin Box Adapter
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy installation
  • Speed up to 7 km/h
  • High capacity battery - up to 120 minutes runtime
  • Control via Watch or with a trigger during snorkeling/diving
  • depth rating 10 meters
  • Nose light system - 5 meters or more visibility
  • POV camera holder - record your experiences
  • User-friendly design
  • Dismountable and compact
  • overheating protection
Article codePF-240XP
BrandAqua Marina