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Aqua Marina BlueDrive S Power Fin

Discover a new way to have adventures with your SUP board or kayak. The BLUEDRIVE S is an electric motor that fits almost all types of sup board and kayaks with a slide fin box. It helps you extend trips and save more energy when battling wind and current or getting further than ever before.

The Bluedrive S has a jet engine capable of speeds of up to 6 km/h. The Bluedrive is simple to operate using the 3-button remote control with waterproof arm pack. Its light weight of 5.9 kg (incl. battery) makes it easy to transport and even allowed on aeroplanes. The power pack is easy to connect using a bayonet fastener and connected to the user by means of a cord with a magnetic block when you fall into the water it will immediately switch off.

All Aqua Marina BlueDrive motors can be used with SUP Boards from Aqua Marina but also brands such as Stardupp, Fit Ocean, and all brands of SUP boards/kayaks with a Slide in fin system. The BlueDrive also fits SUP boards with a US Box fin system using the Aqua Marina US Fin Box Adapter.

  • Fits: Aqua Marina Boards, Stardupp, Fit Ocean and all SUP/kayaks with slide fin.
  • Can be used on US Fin Box with: US Fin Box Adapter
  • Easy installation
  • Speed up to 6 km/h
  • Operation via 3-button remote control
  • Supplied with waterproof armpack for remote control
  • LI-ION battery - up to 60 minutes runtime
  • Battery case with deadman's cord
  • User-friendly design
  • Dismountable and compact
Article codePF-240S
BrandAqua Marina