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Aqua Marina rubber boat accessories

At Wakestore, you will find a wide range of rubber boat accessories to make your time on the water safer and more enjoyable. Our assortment includes pumps, paddles, repair kits, protective covers, and much more. These products are carefully selected to ensure durability, ease of use, and safety.

Air pumps for all inflatable rubber boats

A reliable electric air pump is essential for every rubber boat owner. At Wakestore, we offer hand pumps, foot pumps, and electric pumps to ensure quick and efficient inflation of your rubber boat. Our pumps are easy to use and of high quality, so you can get on the water quickly.

Paddles and oars for your rubber boat

Paddles and oars are indispensable accessories for any rubber boat. We offer a wide selection of lightweight, durable paddles perfect for all types of water sports. Whether you are canoeing, kayaking, or rowing, you will find the right paddle for your needs at Wakestore.

Repair kits and maintenance for inflatable boats

Keep your rubber boat in top condition with our high-quality repair kits. Our kits contain everything you need to perform minor repairs yourself, ensuring you are always ready for an adventure on the water. Additionally, we offer maintenance products to extend the lifespan of your rubber boat.

Protective covers and bags

Protect your rubber boat from the elements with our durable protective covers and bags. These accessories are designed to shield your boat from UV rays, dirt, and damage, ensuring your rubber boat lasts longer. Our covers and bags are easy to use and offer optimal protection.

Safety equipment for rubber boats

Safety is paramount at Wakestore. That is why we offer a wide range of safety equipment, including life jackets, impact vests, and flotation devices. Our products are designed to ensure your safety and that of your fellow boaters, allowing you to enjoy the water with peace of mind.

At Wakestore, you will find not only rubber boat accessories but also an extensive selection of other water sports items. Use the following links to easily navigate to other interesting products and categories:

  • SUP boards: Check out our SUP boards. In-store or online, anyone who loves water will also love SUPing.
  • Airtracks: Discover our airtrack collection for home and professional use.
  • Funtubes: Check out our funtubes for the best water fun. Enjoy the speed with a tube behind the boat, alone or with friends.
  • Water skis and wakeboards: For adrenaline junkies, we have a great selection of water skis and wakeboards.
  • Life jackets: Safety first. Choose from our life jackets for adults and children.

Quality and safety first

At Wakestore, quality and safety come first. All our products meet the highest quality standards and are designed to make your water sports experience as safe as possible. Our rubber boat accessories are no exception. Each product in our range is tested for durability and performance, so you can hit the water with confidence.

Personal advice and excellent customer service

Not sure which accessories you need for your rubber boat? Our expert staff is ready to help you. Visit our showroom for personal advice and to view our products. Or contact our customer service for quick and expert assistance.

Order your rubber boat accessories online

Order your rubber boat accessories online easily and quickly at Wakestore. With our user-friendly webshop, you can easily find what you need and pay securely. Benefit from fast delivery and excellent service. At Wakestore, you are always assured of the best quality at the best price.

Visit our showroom

Would you rather see our products in person? Visit our water sports store in Rijssenhout. Here you can see our full range and get advice from our water sports experts. We are open six days a week and are ready to help you.

At Wakestore, you will find everything you need for your rubber boat, from accessories to complete water sports equipment. With our wide range, excellent customer service, and competitive prices, you are at the right place with us. Visit our rubber boats page for more information and order your rubber boat accessories online today or visit our showroom to experience why Wakestore is the best choice for your water sports needs.