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The Adeco Adegrip Rubber Boat Repair Kit - The ultimate solution for repairing PVC dinghies!

When it comes to maintaining your precious PVC RIBs and dinghies, the Adeco Adegrip PVC glue repair kit is the one name to remember. This 2-component dinghy glue is of the highest quality and is specially designed to handle even the most challenging repairs. Whether you are dealing with small cracks or bonding large parts such as railings and fenders that will be subjected to a lot of force, the Adeco Adegrip PVC adhesive is ready for you.

Why choose Adeco Adegrip?

  • 2-Component Rubber Boat Glue: Our repair kit contains a 2-component glue that provides unmatched adhesion and durability. This means your repairs will last a long time and withstand the toughest conditions.
  • Specially made for PVC RIBs and Rubber Boats: Our formula is optimised for PVC materials, meaning it is perfectly matched to your dinghy or SUP board.
  • Easy to Process: You don't need to be a professional repairman to work with our kit. The included instructions make the process clear and simple, even for beginners.
  • Suitable for the Biggest Repairs: Whether it is a small leak or a bigger damage, this kit can handle it. You can rely on Adeco Adegrip for even the most extensive repairs.
  • Not Suitable for Hypalon: Please note that this kit is specifically designed for PVC material and is not suitable for hypalon boats.


What's included in the kit?

Our Adeco Adegrip Rubber Boat Repair Kit comes with everything you need for a successful repair:

  • 125ml Glue: Enough glue to make multiple repairs.
  • 10ml Activator: Speeds up the curing process for faster results.
  • 10ml Cleaner: Essential for optimal adhesion of the glue.
  • 2 Latex Gloves: For your safety and convenience.
  • Brush: To apply the glue evenly.
  • Round Disc of 10cm PVC Cloth in the Colour Black: For repairing damage and maintaining the aesthetics of your boat.

With the Adeco Adegrip Rubber Boat Repair Kit in your toolbox, you can enjoy your adventures on the water with confidence, knowing you can repair any damage quickly and effectively. Order today and keep your PVC RIBs and dinghies in top condition!