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Mercury F4 MH outboard short-tail

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Mercury F4 MH outboard motor Short-tail


The Mercury 4 hp 4-stroke outboard motor is a great portable, reliable and user-friendly motor for your dinghy or smaller aluminium boat. You pick it up easily, it takes up little space and you lift it onto your boat without effort. This compact motor is easy and quick to install and always starts. So go fishing with it or enjoy it with the whole family.

This Mercury outboard engine is easy to start with one hand. The manual choke ensures smooth starts even with a cold engine. The throttle is instantly responsive and combined with the right boat, you'll find that you get surprising acceleration power out of your 4hp. This 4-stroke outboard motor cruises quietly, smoothly and is smoke-free. In addition, the Mercury outboard is protected against corrosion for a longer life. Because you can set the engine in 6 different positions, you can reach even far-flung areas. The 180⁰ turning angle allows you to manoeuvre easily and lightly anywhere. The built-in fuel tank has a capacity of 1.1L, enough for a long trip, and if you want to cruise even longer, there is always the option of connecting a separate tank. The throttle lever and gear lever with forward, reverse and neutral on the front of the engine make this outboard easy to operate.

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4 / 2.9

Engine type

1 cylinder

Displacement (CID/CC)

7.5 / 123

Max rpm at full throttle


Fuel system

Pushrod 2 valves (OHV)

Recommended fuel

Unleaded petrol with at least 90RON

Recommended oil

Mercury FourStroke oil 10W-30

System informing operator of engine protection

Low oil pressure
Exceeding maximum engine speed




Control stick with 180° rotation angle

Axle length

381 mm

Gear ratio underwater housing


Dry weight

25 kg

CARB star rating


Bore and stroke

2.32 x 1.77" / 59 x 45 mm


CDI with electronic advance

Fuel system

With carburetor

Cooling system

Water-cooled with thermostat



Underwater housing options


Trim modes


Exhaust system

by propeller

Trim range in shallow water (degrees)


Integrated fuel tank (gal/L)

0,3 / 1,1

Optional fuel tank (gal/L)

3.2 / 12


Phantom Black


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