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Buy Inflatable SUP Board

We have the perfect inflatable SUP in stock for everyone who wants to SUP quickly. Check out in our shop which inflatable SUP plank best suits your needs. If you can't figure it out, you're welcome to our showroom in Rijssenhout. You can see, touch, and get direct help from one of our SUP board specialists with the complete collection of SUP boards. For 15 years, we have developed new inflatable SUP boards year after year. Wakestore has now become the absolute SUP board specialist in the Netherlands.

Which SUP board should I choose?

There are different types of SUP boards available. Before you buy a SUP board, it's essential to know what kind of SUP board suits you. The choice of your type of SUP board depends on your purpose, height, weight, and, not unimportantly, your budget. Want to make your SUP experience complete? Check out all the SUP accessories like the SUP kayak seat, waterproof bags, lightweight SUP paddles, kayak paddle, air pumps, and much more. In our webshop, you will find in the product specifications of every SUP plank what you need to pay attention to. We have the perfect SUP board for every SUPer.

SUP Board Types

There is a SUP board available for every SUPer. Whether you love SUPing in rough water or prefer a calm lake. Do you rather go straight ahead or do you love small canals in a polder area? Every type of SUPer is considered. Check out below which type of SUP board best suits your needs. If you can't figure it out, come to our showroom in Rijssenhout and get advice from one of our specialists. We have all SUP boards in stock, once you've made your choice, you can hit the water straight away.

SUP Board Allround

The all-round SUP boards are developed for multiple types of water. All-round SUP boards are the most common SUP boards. The all-round SUP board has the advantage that it can be used in all SUP conditions. Thus, all-round SUP boards are suitable for calm waters but are also ideal for use in rough waters such as the sea. Beginners often choose an all-round SUP such as the StardUpp level blue or the StardUpp Next SUP board. An all-round SUP board has a broader design and offers more stability than other SUP board types. An all-round SUP board is the ideal choice for recreational SUPing and beginners.

SUP Board Touring

Touring SUP boards are generally longer and narrower than an all-round SUP board. If you want to cover longer distances, you can choose from more than 6 models, such as the StardUpp Vantage SUP Elite Touring, the StardUpp Excellent Elite SUP 10'8 SET, and also the StardUpp Skillz Elite SUP 12'6 Touring. We have also introduced a beautifully pink colored touring board for women in 2023. After the success of our earlier pink Stardupp Tripp Pink, the StardUpp Sublime Elite SUP in pink will also be a hit among female SUPers this summer. The longer design of our touring SUP boards makes it easier to keep a straight line. Like the all-round SUP boards, the touring SUP board is suitable for different types of water. However, touring SUP planks perform best on calm waters. This is because there is optimal contact with the water in calm conditions for the most efficient glide. If you are an experienced SUPer or have good balance, then a touring SUP board is definitely a good choice to cover larger distances over calm water.

Race SUP Board

The race SUP boards are even narrower and longer than the touring SUP boards. These SUP boards are completely focused on speed and keeping course. The race SUP boards are for the experienced SUPer who wants to get the most out of his performance and set records.

Special SUP Boards

In addition to all the above types of SUP boards, there are also SUP boards for special purposes. You can also view these SUP boards in our showroom. If you are looking for a Yoga SUP board or Inflatable Yoga Air platform, for example, get advice in our showroom. Wakestore is the SUP specialist in the Netherlands."