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Buying an Inflatable SUP Board

For everyone eager to start paddling quickly, we have the perfect inflatable SUP in stock. Check out our shop to find which inflatable SUP board best matches your desires. Need help? You're warmly welcome in our showroom in Rijssenhout. You can see, touch, and get immediate assistance from one of our SUP board specialists for the complete collection of SUP boards. Over the past 15 years, we've continually developed new inflatable SUP boards. Wakestore has grown to become the absolute SUP board specialist in the Netherlands.

Which SUP Board should I choose?

There are various types of SUP boards available. Before purchasing a SUP board, it's crucial to know which type suits you best. Choosing your type of SUP board depends on your intended use, height, weight, and importantly, your budget. Want to complete your SUP experience? Then check out all the SUP accessories like the SUP kayak seat, waterproof bags, lightweight SUP paddles, kayak paddles, air pumps, and much more. In our webshop, you'll find product specifications for each SUP board to help guide your choice. We have the perfect SUP board for every paddler.

Different types of SUP boards

There's a SUP board for every type of paddler. Whether you enjoy paddling in choppy water or prefer a calm pond. Do you prefer straight lines, or are you fond of navigating small creeks in a polder landscape? We have thought of every type of paddler. See below which type of SUP board best fits your needs. If you're unsure, visit our showroom in Rijssenhout and get advice from one of our specialists. With all SUP boards in stock, once you make your choice, you can hit the water right away.

Allround SUP board

Allround SUP boards are designed for various water types. They are the most common type of SUP boards. The advantage of an allround SUP board is that it can be used in all paddling conditions. Allround SUP boards are suitable for calm waters but are also ideal for choppy waters like the sea. Beginners often choose an allround SUP, such as the StardUpp Level Blue or the StardUpp Next SUP board. An allround SUP board has a wider design and offers more stability than other types of SUP boards. It is the ideal choice for recreational paddling and beginner paddlers.

Touring SUP board

Touring SUP boards are generally longer and narrower than an allround SUP board. If you want to cover longer distances, you can choose from more than 6 models, such as the StardUpp Vantage SUP Elite Touring, the StardUpp Excellent Elite SUP 10'8 SET, and the StardUpp Skillz Elite SUP 12'6 Touring. We have also introduced a beautiful pink-colored touring board for women for 2023. Following the success of our earlier pink Stardupp Tripp Pink, the StardUpp Sublime Elite SUP in pink will also be a hit among female paddlers this summer. The designed longer shape of our touring SUP boards makes it easier to maintain a straight line. Like the allround SUP boards, touring SUP boards are suitable for various water types but perform best in calm waters. This is because calm water provides optimal contact with the water to glide as efficiently as possible. If you are an experienced paddler or have good balance, a touring SUP board is certainly a good choice for covering greater distances over calm water.

Race SUP board

Race SUP boards are even narrower and longer than touring SUP boards. These SUP boards are fully focused on speed and maintaining course. Race SUP boards are for experienced paddlers who want to maximize their performance and achieve high speeds.

Windsurf SUP board

Windsurf SUP boards combine windsurfing and paddleboarding. These boards have the design of an allround SUP board but with an addition. The windsurf SUP board is equipped with a mast foot insert. With the mast foot insert, it's possible to attach a windsurf sail to your windsurf SUP board, allowing you to windsurf and paddleboard on the same board.

Special SUP boards

Besides all the mentioned types of SUP boards, there are also SUP boards with special purposes. These SUP boards can also be viewed in our showroom. If you're looking for, for example, a Yoga SUP board or an Inflatable Yoga Air platform, let us advise you in our showroom. Wakestore is the SUP specialist of the Netherlands.

As water sports enthusiasts, we have a responsibility to take care of our environment. We encourage our customers to be environmentally conscious while paddleboarding. Stand Up Paddling, a water sport that has greatly increased in popularity in the Netherlands, has been known to us at Wakestore for 15 years! Everyone says that we are the specialist in SUP boards. Naturally, we are happy to help you find the perfect board that meets all your wishes.

What is paddleboarding?

Paddleboarding is a water sport where you stand on a board and propel yourself with a paddle. It's a fantastic way to be active on the water, explore nature, and simultaneously work on your fitness.

History of paddleboarding

The origin of paddleboarding lies in Polynesia, but it only became truly popular in recent decades. In the Netherlands, paddleboarding has become a real hype, thanks in part to the many waterways our country boasts.

Why choose Wakestore?

Wakestore has been the absolute specialist in SUP boards for 15 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and our broad assortment of quality SUP boards. Among all SUP shops, we have the highest Google Review score, we provide a 3-year warranty on all our StardUpp SUP boards, and offer the best price-quality ratio. Thanks to our multilayer USL technology, our StardUpp SUP boards are inflatable to a pressure of up to 18 psi, resulting in perfect stability on the water. Last but not least, our StardUpp boards are made with 0.7mm drop stitch. Compared to other brands, we have 35% stronger material. Over 100,000 happy paddlers have already chosen us.

Our experience and expertise

With 15 years of experience in the industry and a team of specialized professionals, we offer tailored advice in our showroom at Whether you want to know the difference between an allround, touring, or race SUP board, whether you want to paddle with your dog or do yoga on your SUP, we have the knowledge to help you choose the perfect board. With our three-year warranty and repair services, you are always assured of the best service.

What our customers say about StardUpp SUPboards

During our 15 years in the industry, we have satisfied over 100,000 customers with their ideal SUP, SUP accessories, funtubes, wakeboards, kayaks, and more from our beautiful products. Many of our customers report that they are extremely satisfied with the price-quality ratio of our services, the quality of our SUP boards, and more. We strive to make paddleboarding accessible and affordable for everyone. The personal advice we provide, whether by phone, email, or in our showroom, is highly appreciated by our customers. This is also reflected in our excellent rating on Google Reviews.

We are proud to offer our customers high-quality products and excellent service. Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers:

"Wakestore helped me choose the perfect SUP board. Their service is excellent!" – Maartje Franken

"I bought the Stardupp Level Blue and Excellent here in the showroom. Really very satisfied with my SUP board. Even though it was high season and busy in the store, the gentlemen really took the time to give me personal advice" - Timo Struik

How to choose the right SUP board?

Choosing the right SUP board depends on several factors. These include your weight, height, the type of paddleboarding you want to do (allround, touring, fast paddle trips), where you want to paddleboard, for example, on a lake, the sea, or on a river, and of course, your experience level. The choice of the right board also depends on practical considerations, such as the number of people who will use the board, whether you want a kayak seat, and whether you want to paddleboard with your dog. We provide extensive information and explanations on our product pages, in our blog, and of course, in our showroom.

Your paddleboarding experience level

If you are new to paddleboarding, it is advisable to start with an allround SUP board. For experienced users looking for speed or long distances, touring or race SUP boards might be more suitable.

Dimensions and weight capacity

The dimensions of the board affect stability and maneuverability. Make sure you choose a board that suits your body weight and skill level.

At Wakestore, we are passionate about paddleboarding and want to help you find the perfect SUP board that meets all your desires. With our expertise, high-quality products, and excellent customer service, you are at the right place for all your SUP needs.