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Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina Vapor 10'4 SUP Set

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Aqua Marina Vapor SUP


Discover the Aqua Marina Vapor: The perfect inflatable SUP board for flat waters and small waves. This stable, light, and strong SUP board is Aqua Marina's entry-level model, designed for paddlers seeking an easy-to-use and versatile SUP board. The all-around shape makes the Vapor ideal for lakes, rivers, and small waves, catering to both beginners and advanced paddlers looking for relaxation or adventure.

The Aqua Marina Vapor has been one of the most favorite SUP boards for years, and this year, it's better than ever! Thicker, stiffer, and with improved carrying capacity. Thanks to Aqua Marina's exclusive "Drop Stitch Light Technology," the Vapor is not only lightweight but also super rigid. With a wider tail for extra stability, this board is ready to tackle any challenge. The Vapor comes with high-quality sup accessories as a Double Action pump, A adjustable paddle and a convenient backpack, allowing you to hit the water right away!

Key Features:

  1. Drop Stitch Light Technology: Aqua Marina's innovative technology with thousands of threads between PVC layers ensures shape retention and unique stiffness. Double PVC layers on the sides provide additional protection.
  2. Slide-in Center Fin: The easy-to-install fin ensures quick start-up times and excellent tracking. Made of strong fiberglass-reinforced nylon.
  3. Sand-embossed EVA Deck Pad: Comfortable and grippy standing surface for optimal power transfer during paddling.
  4. RED Strap Bungee System: Strong and elastic luggage elastics for securely carrying Drybags or extra accessories.
  5. 4 D-Rings: The Vapor features 4 D-rings where you can attach a Aqua Marina High back Kayak seat. With 4 simple clips and a Aqua Marina Dual Tech Paddle, you can switch from standing to sitting paddling in an instant.

The set includes:

  • Aqua Marina Eco-Friendly Circupack: A backpack made from recycled PET bottles with padded shoulder straps, ideal for carrying the board, paddle, pump, and accessories.
  • Aqua Marina Liquid Air V1 Double Action Hand Pump: Powerful SUP pump with high volume and pressure gauges, suitable for up to 20 Psi.
  • Aqua Marina Sports III Paddle: 3-piece adjustable aluminum paddle (175-220 cm) with a fiberglass-reinforced blade and comfortable T-bar handle.
  • Aqua Marina Slide-in Center Fin: Quickly attachable fin for optimal tracking.
  • Aqua Marina Safety Leash: Comfortable ankle strap with a high-quality Velcro closure and a strong, up to 3-meter retractable elastic cable.

Choose the Aqua Marina Vapor and experience the ultimate fun and comfort during your SUP adventures.


Article codeBT-23VAP
BrandAqua Marina
Width (cm)79cm
Thickness (cm)15cm
Volume (liter)315L
Board weight (kg)8.2kg
Max rider weight (kg)140kg
Max. payload (kg)140kg