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Stardupp Kayak Seat Foot Rest

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Stardupp Kayak Seat Foot Rest


Get the most out of the Kayak experience on your SUP. The footrest is easy to mount on the kayak seat and offers extra comfort. It’s made for anchoring your feet so you can transfer the power from your legs and trunk more effectively. In particular the footrest will allow you to move your feet closer together for better alignment of hips and knees. Better alignment can, in turn deliver more power from your core and better posture without compromising the connection between your body and the SUP.

The 33cm wide footrest is made with polyester foam, giving you feet a comfortable place to rest.
The ends of the aluminum inner tube are covert with a plastic top to avoid damage on your SUP while in use or transport. The Straps mount easily on the extra clips, available on the Stardupp Kayak Seat.  

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