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Funtube accessories for MAXimum Funtube enjoyment

At WakeStore, we understand that your fun tube experience isn't complete without the right accessories. Our extensive collection of fun tube accessories is designed to make your water adventures even more enjoyable and safe. Explore our range below and find everything you need for an amazing day on the water.

Funtube tow ropes

Our durable fun tube ropes are essential for towing fun tubes. Available in various lengths and strengths, you can always find the perfect tow rope for your setup. Choose from top brands like StardUpp, Aqua Marina, and Pull Hawser to ensure quality and reliability.

Funtube air pumps: hand Pumps and electric funtube pumps

A good pump is crucial for inflating your fun tube quickly and efficiently. At WakeStore, we offer both hand pumps and electric pumps, including 230V and 12V models. Our electric pumps are particularly powerful, ensuring you're ready to go within minutes.

Funtube repair kits

Unexpected leaks can ruin your day on the water. With our repair kits, you’re always prepared. These kits include everything you need to make quick and easy repairs, so you can get back to enjoying your fun tube in no time.

Funtube safety accessories

Safety is our priority. That's why we offer a selection of safety accessories, such as wetsuits and impact vests, which provide extra protection and visibility on the water.

Explore all our funtube accessories and more

In addition to our extensive collection of fun tube accessories, WakeStore also offers an impressive range of SUP boards. Stand-up paddleboarding is a fantastic way to enjoy the water, whether you're looking for relaxation, fitness, or adventure. Our SUP boards cater to all levels, from beginners to experienced paddlers. Visit our SUP boards page and find the perfect board for your next water adventure.

At WakeStore, we have everything you need to make your fun tube adventure a success. Whether you're looking for ropes, tow ropes, electric pumps, repair kits, safety accessories, or protective covers, we have it all. Visit our store and discover how you can elevate your water sports experience with our high-quality fun tube accessories and SUP boards.