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Stardupp Funtube Hand Pump


The Stardupp Funtube Hand Pump is a powerful hand pump for funtubes, boats, airbeds and various other inflatable products. The double action feature allows you to pump air when both pulling up and pushing down on the pump. The pump is made of ABS and nylon material, making it resistant to salt water corrosion. The hand pump comes with 4 different attachments and can pump both up and down. With an air capacity of 2 000 cubic cm, you move a lot of air per stroke, so it never takes long before your funtube or other inflatable item is full.


Connections for:
Boston valve: D: 16mm, H: 18mm
Pinch valve: D: 9mm, H: 37mm
Pinch valve: D: 6mm, H: 47mm
Pinch valve: D: 6mm, H: 47mm

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