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Stardupp Funtube Rope/Line


This 15.2-metre Stardupp funtube line makes towing funtubes possible. The line is highly visible in the water and made of floating Poly E material, giving the rope little, but still some stretch. This is ideal for funtubes, as it is a bit more forgiving and reduces the impact on the attachment of the funtube.

The line also features an extra foam floater which ensures that the line will never end up in the propeller of a boat engine. With a breaking strength of 1077 kg, this line is suitable for both 1 and 2 person funtubes. The line comes with free ropekeeper so you never have to untangle your line when you take it out of storage.

  • Floating main line
  • Length: 50ft | 15.2m
  • Maximum strength: 2375 lbs | 1077 kg
  • 16 strand line
  • Includes rope keeper
Article codeSD-142