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Choose the right wetsuit

Choosing the right wetsuit can be a challenge, but at Wakestore, we make it easy for you. When purchasing a new wetsuit, it's essential to consider several crucial factors:

  1. Usage Conditions: Think about when and where you’ll be using the wetsuit. Are you kitesurfing in winter on the sea, or paddleboarding on a calm lake in spring? The conditions determine the type and thickness of the wetsuit that best suits you.
  2. Temperature: Water temperature plays a significant role in selecting your wetsuit. For cold waters, you need a thicker wetsuit, while a thinner wetsuit is suitable for warmer temperatures.

If you can't decide in our webshop, visit our showroom and get advice from one of our experienced wetsuit specialists. At Wakestore, you'll always find a wetsuit that perfectly matches your preferences and body type.

How does a wetsuit work?

A wetsuit is essential for any watersport enthusiast venturing into cold waters. The neoprene material of a wetsuit is designed to allow a thin layer of water to seep in and remain between your skin and the wetsuit. This layer of water is quickly warmed by your body heat, effectively insulating you against the cold.

Importance of a good fit

It is crucial that your wetsuit fits snugly to your body. An oversized wetsuit allows too much water to circulate, reducing its insulating effect. Neoprene material contains small air bubbles that provide extra insulation and breathability, keeping you both warm and comfortable while engaging in watersports.

Different types of wetsuits

Fullsuit wetsuit

A fullsuit wetsuit is the most popular choice in the Netherlands, offering optimal protection from your neck to your ankles. This type of wetsuit is ideal for the cold water temperatures often encountered in the Netherlands, ensuring you remain fully protected and insulated.

Shorty wetsuit

For warmer water temperatures, a shorty wetsuit is an excellent option. This model offers more freedom of movement as it does not fully cover your arms and legs. A shorty wetsuit is perfect for summer conditions, protecting you up to just above your knees and elbows.

Choosing the right wetsuit thickness

There are various types of wetsuits developed with different neoprene thicknesses, depending on the usage conditions. In winter, you need a wetsuit with greater thickness to retain enough warmth, while a thinner wetsuit suffices for summer. At Wakestore, you can find wetsuits of various thicknesses, carefully designed to provide the best protection throughout the year.

Neoprene water shoes

In addition to a good wetsuit, neoprene water shoes are an essential addition to your watersport gear. These shoes offer optimal protection for your feet on rocky coastlines or pebble beaches, ensuring you can comfortably come ashore after an intense session of wakeboarding, kitesurfing, or kneeboarding.

At Wakestore, quality and customer satisfaction are paramount. Visit our webshop or drop by our showroom for personalized advice and discover the wetsuit that fits you perfectly. Our experts are ready to help you make the right choice, ensuring you’re always optimally prepared to hit the water.