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The Stardupp Discovery Kayak



The Stardupp Discovery kayak is the kayak for all types of kayak tours, perfect for both touring adventurers and mild river enthusiasts. With its streamlined shape, this model is optimized for higher speeds and better course keeping, while still keeping the kayak very maneuverable. The Stardupp Discovery kayak is an all-around champion that can handle any type of adventure!

This kayak can be used by both one and two people up to a maximum carrying weight of 210kg. The included seats with backrest can be positioned in various positions.

The discovery kayak is made of 10cm thick drop-stitch material making it incredibly stiff and strong (market standard is 6-8cm). This material, because of its rigidity, makes it feel like a kayak made of solid material. The hard V-cone at both ends protects your kayak in case of impact, while the cargo bungees ensure that you can take everything you need with you on your kayaking mission. The water shield on prow prevents water from splashing into the cockpit, and the adjustable footrest supports your feet, making it ideal for longer trips as well. The two large center fins keep the kayak on course and balanced while sailing.

  • Made of 10cm PVC drop-stitch material
  • Comes with 2 adjustable seats and footrests
  • Powerful center fins for excellent course keeping
  • Front, rear and center rubber grips for easy transport
  • Hard V-cones at both ends for impact protection
  • 2 luggage nets to safely store all your gear
  • Self-draining drain plug
  • Comes with: Valve wrench, double action pump, carry bag, repair kit and manual
  • transport size: 70x60x60cm 25kg


Article codeSD-169
Amount of persons1 - 2
Max. payload (kg)210 kg
length (cm)425 cm
Weight18 kg
applicationtouring and mild rivers