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Stardupp Dog Pad Board Protector XXL

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    Stardupp Dog Pad Board Protector XXL


    Your perfect SUP accessory for water adventures with your Big dog
    Have you ever wished your beloved four-legged friend could join you on your stand-up paddleboard (SUP)? but were afraid his sharp nails might damage the board? Worry no more! The Stardupp Dog Pad Board Protector XXL is specially designed to protect SUP boards. Even the biggest dogs can now come along to enjoy themselves on the water.


    • Protection and Comfort: With the Stardupp Dog Pad, you no longer have to worry about scratches and damage to your SUP board caused by sharp dog nails. This board protector provides a soft and durable layer between your board and your larger four-legged friend's nails.
    • Easy Attachment: Attaching the Dog Pad is a piece of cake. Simply slide the mat under the rubber bands of your board, keeping it firmly in place, even during active paddle sessions. No fuss, no worry.
    • Adventures for Two: With the Stardupp Dog Pad, you can now take to the water together with your big dog and have adventures. Whether you choose quiet paddling on a lake or an exciting trip on the sea, your best friend can enjoy the ride safely and comfortably.
    • Extra Spacious Dimensions: The Dog Pad XXL has a generous size of 108x66 cm, making it perfect if you want to SUP with larger dogs. if you have a smaller dog? take a look at the Stardupp Dog pad board protector.

    So why leave your big dog at home when you're out on the water?
    With the Stardupp Dog Pad SUP Board Protector XXL, you can now take your faithful companion on your SUP adventures without worrying about the condition of your board. Make memories, enjoy quality time with your dog and experience the joy of paddling together.

    Keep your dog close
    With the Stardupp Waist Pack with leash/dog belt, your dog always stays close to you without a leash getting in your way while supping. In addition, this waterproof hip bag is also convenient while running, or to store your phone while supping.

    Order 1 of the most popular SUP Accessories today, give your big dog the chance to be part of your SUP adventures. Together; Start your adventure.

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