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Humanoid Circus 7 wakeboard


This Wakeboard is made to add power, speed, and grace to your riding behind the boat. A solid wood core with a stif layup, combined with a carbon fiber sheet make the Circus ready for a big air show. The aggressive, continuous rocker allows you to hold speed on takeoff and landing. Thanks to the base channels and fins, the humanoid Circus Wakeboard offers optimum edge hold and at the same time good acceleration at the edges. You put it on edge, it goes. HARD. The Circus is legendary wakeboarder Randall Harris’ pro model under Humanoid's lineup. Shaper Kyle Schmidt spent 18 months collaborating with Randall ensuring no OG signature details were left out.



The Humanoid Circus is made with a Sandwich construction. This means the layers of composites are stacked on top of each other and pressed while being heated. This process is a bit more labor intensive compared to traditional compression molded foam boards but gives it a far better and stronger result. This wakeboard is equipped with, what humanoid calls: “gnarwalls” . Special designed side walls to take a beating.

Article codeH117-7036
TypeBoat Wakeboard
Core materialPaulownia wood
Length136 cm || 141 cm || 145 cm
Width (cm)41 cm || 42 cm || 43 cm
Weight3.6 kg || 3.8 kg || 4.1 kg
Channelquadruple concave
Flex9 (1 (soft) - 10 (hard))
Rocker typeContinuos
Rocker height6.1 cm || 6.6 cm || 7.1 cm
Insert distances56 - 66 cm || 57 - 67 cm || 58 - 69 cm