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Humanoid O'shea Pro Boat 5 wakeboard


The Humanoid O'shea Pro is Chris O'shea's pro model; rider of the year 2009. Chris O'shea is a creative mastermind and knows better than anyone what a wakeboard needs to get the most out of it. This board is a rocket ship: go fast and go big!. The O'shea pro has no less than 6 fins and channels from end to end, which break the surface tension before the rest of the wakeboard reaches the water, this gives extreme grip, even when it’s choppy. The continuous rocker (a single arc from nose to tail) makes this board faster and provides a consistent feel in the pop. This makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals, on both flat and choppy (wavy) water.

The Humanoid O'shea Pro is made with a Sandwich construction. This means that the layers of composite are stacked on top of each other and pressed under heating. This process is slightly more labor intensive compared to traditional pressed foam boards, but gives a much better and stronger result. The Paulownia wood core gives this board a better flex and can withstand even the toughest landings. This core provides consistent energy, lively pop, response and unsurpassed durability. In addition, this wakeboard is equipped with what Humanoid calls: "gnarwalls". Specially designed side walls to take a beating.

  • Boat wake board
  • 100% Pauwlonia wood core
  • 6 wines
  • Channels from front to back
  • Continuous rocker
  • gnarled walls
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