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KD Redline Slalom Ski


KD Redline Slalom Ski with KD Axcess Slalom Boot - Perfect for Exceptional Water Performances
The KD Redline Slalom Ski is undoubtedly one of KD's most iconic and well-known water skis, always synonymous with consistent top-notch performances. This slalom ski, updated with 21st-century materials such as high-quality woven fiberglass mats and lightweight resin, proves that the Redline makes no compromises when it comes to performance. With its carefully tuned bevels and tunnel design, the Redline is the undisputed choice for skiers seeking a slalom ski that can handle it all.

Key Features of the KD Redline Slalom Ski:

  • Transitional Base: The ski is designed with a transitional base that ensures smooth and controlled turns, even at high speeds.
  • PU Core: The ski's core is made of durable PU material, contributing to the ski's stability and longevity.
  • PBT Top Sheet: The ski's top sheet is made of PBT, which is not only durable but also delivers excellent on-water performance.
  • Fiberglass Composite: The ski utilizes a fiberglass composite construction for optimal strength-to-weight ratio and responsiveness.
  • Performance Tail: The performance tail of the ski enhances precision and control when making turns.
  • T-Vin: The T-vin provides added stability and control while skiing.

The KD Redline Slalom Ski has a length of 173 cm and comes as a complete set with the KD Axcess Slalom Boot. The Axcess Slalom Boot is a great entry-to-intermediate level ski boot that combines adjustability and support. With KD's innovative open front, this ski boot accommodates a wide range of foot sizes, and the fit is easily controlled with a single front lace system, ensuring effortless entry and exit.

Key Features of the KD Axcess Slalom Boot:

  • Neoprene Toe Liner: The comfortable neoprene toe liner provides a pleasant fit.
  • Lace System: The ski boot features a convenient lace system for a precise fit.
  • Open Front: The innovative open front makes this ski boot suitable for a wide range of foot sizes.

The KD Redline Slalom Ski with KD Axcess Slalom Boot is the perfect combination for skiers aiming for exceptional water performances. Prepare for thrilling slalom adventures and precision skiing with this high-quality set.