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Mspa Water Test Strip 3 in 1


Mspa Water Test Strip 3 in 1


With the Mspa Water Test Strips you can test 3 values:

  • the alkalinity
  • the PH value
  • the free chlorine value

The water quality of a jacuzzi is of great importance. On the one hand of course for the hygiene of the water, but on the other hand certainly also for the life of your jacuzzi. Immediately after filling your jacuzzi you should measure the water quality. If the water values are good, then it is still important to test at least every week.

Always start by testing alkalinity first:
Alkalinity acts as the bodyguard of pH.  Every little thing that comes in contact with your water can drastically change pH. But if you have the right amount of alkalinity, it will take the hit before it drastically affects pH. If the alkalinity in your Jacuzzi is high, it can cause green water because it reduces the effectiveness of your sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, etc.). So without alkalinity, the pH would be all over the place.

If Alkalinity is good, test the PH level. The goal is to keep the pH balanced between 7.4 and 7.6. Not too acidic and not too alkaline. The lower the pH, the more acidic your Jacuzzi water is. Very acidic water makes it harder for your sanitizer to work effectively, which increases the likelihood of bacterial contamination. If your pH rises above 7.6, your spa water can be described as alkaline. Alkaline spa water is prone to scale formation. The scaling is due in part to the high calcium hardness caused by the high pH. Cloudy water is another symptom of high pH in your spa.

Last, you test the free chlorine level, which indicates how much active chlorine the water contains. This level determines the disinfecting ability of the spa water. These values can be adjusted with chlorine or bromine. Keep in mind that chlorine and bromine products should never be mixed. This is extremely dangerous. If you usually use chlorine products and you want to switch to bromine-based products, or vice versa, it is essential that you first change the spa water.

For the Takapo and Bergen, Bromide is recommended instead of chlorine.


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