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Mystic Brand Impact Vest Fzip Black

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    Mystic Brand Impact Vest Fzip Black


    The Mystic Brand Impact Vest offers water sports enthusiasts the perfect combination of safety and comfort. CE approved and manufactured with attention to detail, this vest ensures that you can take to the water with confidence and peace of mind.


    Features that set the Mystic Brand Impact Vest apart:

    • CE Approved: This impact vest meets stringent safety standards and is CE approved. As a result, you know you can count on the highest standards of safety during all your water sports adventures.
    • YKK Front Zipper: The YKK front zip makes donning and doffing the vest quick and easy. No need to worry about complicated fastenings, so you can get on the water quickly.
    • Clash Foam: The Clash foam in this impact vest provides protection against shock and impact, while still remaining comfortable and flexible. You can move freely without compromising safety.
    • Zip: The zipper lock ensures that the zip cannot pop open unexpectedly.


    High-quality Material:

    This vest is made of M-Flex (50%), which provides an excellent balance between flexibility and durability. The vest can handle the challenges of water sports, while giving you the comfort you need for a great time on the water.

    Opt for the Mystic Brand Impact Vest and give yourself the safety and comfort you need for your adventures on the water. With CE approval and high-quality materials, you are ready to live your passion for water sports with confidence and peace of mind. Safety and comfort go hand in hand with this vest, allowing you to enjoy every minute on the water.

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