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Mystic Brand Impact Vest Fzip Navy


The Mystic Brand Impact Vest offers water sports enthusiasts the perfect combination of safety and comfort. This vest ensures that you can wakeboard, water ski, kneeboard, or bounce over the water on fun tubes with confidence and peace of mind. The flexible neoprene ensures that the vest fits snugly to your body, while the front zipper makes it easy to put on and take off. Time and time again, this impact vest will protect you from the impact of the water without restricting your freedom of movement.

Features that distinguish the Mystic Brand Impact Vest:

  • CE Approved: This impact vest meets strict safety standards and is CE approved. This ensures that you can rely on the highest safety standards during all your water sports adventures.
  • YKK Front Zip: The YKK front zipper makes putting on and taking off the vest quick and easy. This allows you to get on the water quickly and easily remove the vest after an exhausting session.
  • Zipper Lock: The zipper lock ensures that the zipper cannot unexpectedly open. No matter how hard the impact, this impact vest will stay securely fastened to your body.
  • Clash Foam: The Clash foam in this impact vest provides protection against shocks and impacts while remaining comfortable and flexible. You can move freely without compromising safety.

High-Quality Material:
This vest is made of M-Flex (50%), the same material as wetsuits, which provides an excellent balance between flexibility and durability. The vest can handle the challenges of water sports while providing the comfort you need for cruising the water on wakeboards, waterskis, and kneeboards.

The Difference Between Impact Vests and Life Jackets:
An impact vest is specifically designed for water sports such as kiteboarding, wakeboarding, and water skiing, where the wearer often faces a higher risk of hard impact with the water or obstacles. These vests are made of flexible material that offers more freedom of movement. Therefore, they are primarily intended as protection against impact and provide some extra buoyancy to help float after a fall. For an impact vest, it is important that it fits snugly to effectively absorb the impact.

On the other hand, life jackets are designed for general use in water activities such as boating, stand-up paddleboarding, and kayaking. They are designed to provide buoyancy and keep the wearer safe and floating in the water. Often, life jackets are suitable for multiple sizes and can be used by several people.

Choose the Mystic Brand Impact Vest and give yourself the safety and comfort you need for your water adventures. With CE approval and high-quality materials, you are ready to experience your passion for water sports with confidence and peace of mind. Safety and comfort go hand in hand with this vest, allowing you to enjoy every minute on the water.

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