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Mystic Star Impact Vest Fzip


The Mystic Star Impact Vest is the ideal impact vest for wakeboarding. This comfortable impact vest provides all the protection you need without restricting your freedom of movement. With the convenient zipper closure, you can quickly put on this vest, allowing you to get on the wakeboard swiftly. The M-Flex neoprene ensures that the vest stays securely in place, providing you with maximum protection and comfort during wakeboarding, even after the hardest impacts. If you're tired and cold at the end of your wakeboard session, you don't have to struggle to take off your impact vest; you can quickly take a shower.


Features that distinguish the Mystic Star Impact Vest:

  • CE Approved: This impact vest meets strict safety standards and is CE approved. This means you can rely on the highest safety standards while enjoying your time on wakeboards, waterskis, or kneeboards.
  • YKK Front Zip: The YKK front zipper makes putting on and taking off the vest quick and easy. You don't have to worry about complicated closures, allowing you to hit the water quickly.
  • Clash Foam: The Clash Foam in this impact vest provides protection against shocks and impacts while remaining comfortable and flexible. You can move freely without compromising safety.
  • Zipper Lock: The zipper lock ensures that the zipper cannot unexpectedly open.


High-Quality Material:

This vest is made of M-Flex (75%) neoprene, ensuring an excellent balance between flexibility and durability. Neoprene is the same material used in wetsuits, providing not only good quality but also stretchability for a snug fit and extra warmth. The higher the percentage of M-flex the lighter and more flexible the neoprene is.

Enjoy the protection while riding wakeboards, waterskis, or kneeboards and experience the comfort you need for a great time on the water.

Choose the Mystic Star Impact Vest and give yourself the safety and comfort needed for your adventures on wakeboards, waterskis, or kneeboards. With CE approval and high-quality materials, you are ready to experience your passion for water sports with confidence.

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