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Overboard camera case zoom lens Black


The OverBoard Waterproof Camera Case is the perfect accessory at the water. Transform your compact camera into an underwater model with this Waterproof Camera Case. This waterproof camera case features a clever zoom-lens housing, so you can get really creative with your high-spec camera without worrying about damaging it. Guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m and offering protection from sand and dirt as well (Class 5: IP68). Perfect for water-based snaps or sandy beaches, this waterproof camera case is also compatible with phones (11cm x 17.5cm (Circum Incl. zoom lens)) and allows you to get really creative with your photography without soaking your gear.

The optical front lens and Lenflex rear window allow you to take ultra-clear photos while your camera is safely sealed inside the waterproof camera case thanks to Over-Board's 100% waterproof Slide Seal System. The handy wrap around window design also allows easy access and full use of all your cameras buttons and functions.

Now you can show off your photography skills on boats & beaches and in the sea & pools as well…


Article codeOB1103BLK
IP classClass 5: IP 68
length (cm)11 cm
Width (cm)17.5cm Circum Incl. zoom lens