Review Pull Lenok Handle & Hawser Mainline - Southwest Neoprene Grip
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Pull Lenok Handle & Hawser Mainline - Southwest Neoprene Grip

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    Pull Lenok Handle & Hawser Mainline - Southwest Neoprene Grip


    As wakeboarding has evolved, so have the handles. A good wakeboard handle is crucial for an enjoyable wakeboarding experience. This Pull handle has been designed to accommodate every rider's needs. It’s designed to provide comfort while having a superior grip that allows for optimum performance.

    The Pull Lenok is a 15” aluminum wakeboard handle, covered with a neoprene sleeve: comfortable to hold and has a strong grip to prevent your hands from slipping even after hours of wakeboarding. This 1” grip can be changed without the use of tools with Pull’s Clique interchangeable grip technology. The grip is locked in place with durable nylon molded sides, to which the 2 ft. spectra line is attached. Weighing only 10.5 oz, the handle makes wakeboarding comfortable even for prolonged periods.

    Whatever your skill level is, it is important to use the right kind of tow rope for an enjoyable wakeboarding experience. While you’re wakeboarding, you’ll want to get as much power as you can allowing you to have better control of movement both in the air and water, having a rope with zero stretch will give you just that.

    The Pull Hawser line is made from Spectra. Spectra is a fiber 10 times stronger than steel, ultra-lightweight, will float, are ultra-durable and have zero-stretch. Its PU coating protects it against UV light, adds strength and prevents tangling. Consisting of 1x60ft. section and 5x5ft. sections; this rope is adjustable to fit all skill levels, wake shape and sizes, so you can have the right wakeboard rope length which will make your ride more comfortably and will allow you to perform tricks better. All length sections are indicated with molded medallions making sure they will be readable trough out the life time of the rope.

    • comfortable 15”x1” Neoprene grip
    • Clique toolless interchangeable grip
    • Double PU coated Spectra main line
    • Knotless rope weave and hollow braid
    • 87 ft. total line length | 1x 60 ft., 5x - 5ft.  1x 2ft. sections
    • Easy to read length medallions
    • Available in a variety of colors
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