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Stardupp Skillz Elite SUP 12'6 Race

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Stardupp Skillz Elite SUP 12'6 Race

The Stardupp Skillz Race is new, top of the line and incredibly fast. Its slim racing shaping, racing fin and light weight and superior stiff materials, make this board a missile on the water. If you’re looking for faster and more exciting alternative for your all-round or touring board the Stardupp Skillz Race is the SUP for you. If you got the skills choose the Stardupp Skillz!

Made with new Woven Double layer dropstitch materials make this board superior in stiffness, reflex and weight. Woven dropstitch is the most advanced manufacturing technology used in the inflatable stand-up paddle industry. This technique makes double layer PVC up to 20% lighter and 30% stiffer than conventional double layer boards. As a result, less plastic is needed to produce the SUP boards. In addition, the Vertical polyester threads (yarns) that give the SUP its shape are no longer placed completely vertically, but are cross-linked. This too means less material, more weight and more rigidity in the SUP.

To top it off, this board is completed with a lot of handy features to. The Crocodile EVA foam on the top of the SUP provides the ideal grip and comfort while supping.  The US-box racing fin will ensure great tracking with little drag. The 2 elastic straps allow you to carry equipment while paddleboarding, without losing it along the way. The 2 D-rings make it easy to attach a carrier belt, while the handle at the back make it easy for transportation on a SUP trolley. A fast pump for quick in- and deflation. The Stardupp Trolley Backpack gives you great versatility in transportation; drag it behind you, carry it on your back or carry it as a suitcase, wherever your next SUP mission will be, carrying your gear will never be a problem again.

Because of the outstanding quality of all Stardupp boards, Stardupp offers a 3-year warranty as opposed to the industry standard of 1 year.

this set comes with:

  • The Stardupp Bravo Super Double Action pump
  • The Stardupp Pro Leash
  • The Stardupp Us-box racing fin
  • The Stardupp SUP Trolley Backpack Deluxe
  • The Stardupp valve key
  • Step by step guide
Article codeSD-166
Length381 cm
Width (cm)71 cm
Thickness (cm)15 cm
Volume (liter)295 liter
Board weight (kg)8 kg
Max rider weight (kg)110 kg
Max. payload (kg)250 kg
FinUS-box Racing fin
Max. PSI18 Psi.