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Stardupp Star child waterski


Children up to 12 years old who want to learn water skiing and parents who want their children to get started quickly, we recommend the Stardupp Star water ski.

The shape of the water ski is made so that you can start easily. With very little force you can already make turns so you have fun right away. You can also mount the skis together with the supplied special trainer connector, making learning water skiing extra easy.


You get extra value for money with the Star because a slalom binding is mounted on 1 water ski, so you don't have to buy a separate slalom ski!

These water skis are made of the strong RIMTEC plastic with a UV protection layer. The shape of the water ski is designed in such a way that you have extra buoyancy and can start easily. Due to the tunnel structure at the bottom of the ski, they stick to the water and turn super comfortable.


The Star can be recognized by its light blue design, but is of course suitable for boys and girls.


The Adjustable binding is made of sturdy and flexible material so that everyone with shoe size up to and including 40 can start immediately.

Article codeSD-015
length (cm)137cm
Width (cm)17cm
Max. payload (kg)65 kg (combo) / 60kg (slalom)
Binding sizeup to 40 EU