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Airhead Shred Time wakeboard 124cm


AIRHEAD SHRED TIME Wakeboard SHRED TIME is a lightweight twin tip free ride wakeboard designed to help youthful riders of all levels excel in the sport.

The continuous rocker provides speed and forgiveness, with enough pop to keep it fun. This wakeboard is specially made for behind the boat. The shape, channels (slight grooves along the length of the wakeboard) and fins on the front and back make this board have a great grip on the water. This makes learning wakeboarding easy and fun!

The Airhead Shred Time is made using "compression molding". This is a technique in which a core made of foam is compressed together with a fibreglass top and bottom. This makes the board strong and stiff. The edge of the board ends in a point, which provides grip during turns (steering).  The fins on the front and back give grip while the board stands flat.

The Airhead Shred Time is a real boat wakeboard and for this reason it is not suitable for ramps and rails like those found on cable cars. This requires a different underside that is more resistant to wear from these obstacles. Use of this board on ramps and rails will result in wear to the underside and will not be reimbursed under warranty.

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