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Aqua Marina CP-1 Canoe paddle

Meet the Aqua Marina Canoe Paddle - Your Ultimate Companion for Smooth Canoe Trips!


Designed for exceptional performance and reliability, the Aqua Marina Canoe Paddle is your ideal partner for exploring calm waters and enjoying serene moments on the lake. With meticulous attention to detail, this paddle features a two-piece design that offers both convenience and versatility.


The handle of the paddle is made of durable 1.2 mm thick aluminium, ensuring a firm and reliable grip as you navigate through the water. With a comfortable diameter of 1.14" (29 mm), the handle offers excellent handling and control, making every stroke feel effortless. The paddle's blade is made of reinforced PP material, which adds strength and durability to the design. Measuring 16.1" x 8.1" (41 x 20.5 cm), the blade is optimised for efficient propulsion, allowing you to glide effortlessly through the water. The Aqua Marina Canoe Paddle is fully adjustable to suit your preferences and needs. With a length range of 46.1" - 55.1" (117 - 140 cm) across the two sections, you can adjust the size of the paddle to suit your comfort and canoeing style. Weighing just 640g (22.6oz), this paddle strikes a perfect balance between lightweight manoeuvrability and robust performance. The ergonomic design minimises fatigue, so you can paddle for long periods without discomfort.

Whether you are a seasoned canoe enthusiast or a beginner exploring calm waters, the Aqua Marina Canoe Paddle guarantees a smooth and enjoyable experience. Recognised as a Canadian paddle, it embraces the heritage and spirit of traditional canoeing while integrating modern technology and materials.

Enrich your canoe trip with the Aqua Marina Canoe Paddle - a reliable, efficient and versatile tool that will accompany you on countless adventures.


Article codeB0302946
BrandAqua Marina
length (cm)117 - 140cm
Shaft materialAluminum
Blade materialReinforced PP
Length separate parts (cm)
blade surface (cm²)41 x 20.5cm