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Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina Swift Racing Fin

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Aqua Marina Swift Racing Fin

The Aqua Marina Racing Fin is a high-quality fin designed specifically for touring supboards such as the Coral touring and the Hyper. With its specifications of 9.6" x 6.5" (24.5 x 16.5 cm), this fin offers excellent performance in terms of speed and stability.

Made of fibreglass-reinforced nylon, this fin is durable and rigid, providing optimum thrust and response while racing or touring paddling. The use of high-quality materials such as fibreglass ensures an optimal balance between strength and weight, allowing you to achieve maximum efficiency and speed.

With the Swift Attach Fin System, attaching the fin is easy and secure. This system allows you to attach the fin to your touring upboard quickly and easily, without the need for additional tools. This allows you to spend more time paddling and less time preparing your equipment.

Whether you are an experienced racer or just looking for better performance while touring paddling, the Aqua Marina Racing Fin is specially designed to meet your needs. With its optimised shape and construction, this fin will help you take your SUP experience to the next level, with improved speed, stability and control while paddling.

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