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KD Krypton Slalom Ski


KD Krypton Slalom Ski with KD Axcess Slalom Boot - Elevate Your Skiing Experience
Krypton may be one of the rarest elements on the periodic table, and the KD Krypton is no exception. This ski is specially designed to enhance your skiing experience, whether it's cross-course speed, the ability to gain width on the boat, tight-radius turns, or stability. We could go on, but we believe you should simply pick one and hit the slopes—rest assured, you won't be disappointed.

By utilizing high-woven fiberglass mats, lightweight resin, and a denser polyurethane foam core, the Krypton becomes the ultimate weapon for open water skiers cruising at speeds of 48-55 km/h. Additional volume is achieved by widening the ski from tip to tail, allowing skiers to ride at lower speeds and progress rapidly. The redesigned tip riser step gives the Krypton a forgiving ride with a pronounced sweet spot, enabling skiers to find their balance.


  • RCD Top Deck: The ski features an RCD top deck for enhanced performance.
  • Graphite Inlay: A graphite inlay contributes to the ski's strength and stability.
  • Tip Riser Rail: The tip riser rail has been redesigned to provide a forgiving and balanced ride.
  • PU Core: The ski's core is constructed from durable PU material.
  • T-Vin System: The T-vin system ensures stability and control while skiing.
  • Competition Fin: The ski comes equipped with a competition fin for precision and performance.

The KD Krypton Slalom Ski is complemented by the KD Axcess Slalom Boot, providing the perfect combination for skiers looking to elevate their skiing experience. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Krypton and Axcess Boot are designed to meet your needs and enhance your on-water performance. Enjoy your skiing adventures with this high-quality setup.