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Mspa Filter Cartridge 120 Twin Pack

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Mspa filter cartridge 120 Twin Pack


2x Mspa Filter Cartridge 120

Mspa Filter Cartridge is a pleated filter suited for all Mspa’s.  The spa filter is used to remove impurities from spa water. It works by trapping contaminants and debris in the filter media, which prevents them from recirculating back into the spa. They are made of multiple layers of polyester fabric that are pleated to increase the surface area. This allows them to trap more contaminants than a flat filter. The filtration area on a filter is a measure of the amount of square footage that the filter is able to cover and is the total surface area that is exposed to water. With its 120 pleats, this filter offers an amazing filtration area.

It’s important to keep your spa filters clean to keep the water flowing evenly through your spa.  If your filter becomes dirty it will eventually reduce the flow rate of water in your spa. Dirty filters can also result in extra wear on your pump motor as it has to work harder to circulate water throughout your spa.

Spa filters should be replaced regularly to maintain optimal performance.

These filters come with integrated connection base and can be connected directly to the spa this way.

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