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Mystic Earpads Vandal/Vandal Pro Helmet

Mystic Mystic Earpads Vandal/Vandal Pro Helmet
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Mystic Earpads Vandal/Vandal Pro Helmet


Maximum Comfort and Protection: These innovative earpads are designed to make your session even more comfortable by providing your ears with extra warmth and protection, whatever the conditions.

What makes the Mystic Earpads special:

  • Designed specifically for the Vandal/Vandal Pro Helmet: These earpads are perfectly matched to the Vandal/Vandal Pro helmet, meaning they fit seamlessly and won't hinder you during your watersports adventures.
  • Ear protection: Whether you are kitesurfing, windsurfing or wakeboarding, our earpads provide essential protection for your ears. They keep your ears warm and sheltered from cold wind and splashing water, allowing you to stay on the water longer and more comfortably.
  • Easy Mounting: Attaching the earpads to your Vandal/Vandal Pro helmet is a breeze, so you're ready to hit the water quickly and easily.
  • Durable Quality: Like all our products, the Mystic Earpads are manufactured with attention to durability and performance. They are built to last and serve you season after season.

With the Mystic Earpads for the Vandal/Vandal Pro Helmet, you complete your kit and are ready to go on an adventure in comfort and with full protection. These earpads are the ideal addition to your helmet, and you'll notice how much difference they make in terms of comfort and protection. So get ready for even more great water sports sessions and enjoy the warmth and safety these earpads provide. The perfect companion for any passionate watersports enthusiast.

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