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Mystic Star Fullsuit 3/2mm Bzip Junior Navy

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    The Star Fullsuit Junior features a back closure and 4-way stretch kneepads and a lining saver to keep your wetsuit in good condition. The Star Fullsuit Junior is stitched according to the Flatlock method, which means that the parts of the wetsuit partly overlap each other by means of wide stitching, this is a very strong connection. The big advantage of this is that it allows less water to pass through the seams. The chest panel is made of Mesh neoprene, the outside of the neoprene is laminated, which offers more protection against cold and wind.

    The Star Fullsuit Junior  is everything you need at a great price.


    M-flex - High quality neoprene with great stretch
    Flatlock stitched - less water enters through the seams
    Lining saver - Soft Velcro on the inside of the wetsuit
    Mesh neoprene chest panel - better protection against wind and cold
    4-way stretch knee pads - Durable material made to protect the knee pads