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Stardupp Control SUP 10'6 Set

The Stardupp Control is the newest member of the Stardupp SUP Family. The board's all-round design makes it great for suppers of any level. The Control is 320cm giving it enough length to hold course, but remains agile enough to make turns. This SUP has a width of 82cm, making it stable and forgiving. On tour or just a lap on the lake nearby, paddling rock hard or just lying on the middle of the water in the sun, the Stardupp Control puts you in control.

The Stardupp Control is made using multi-layer USL Fusion technology. A manufacturing technique in which the multiple PVC layers of the iSUP are joined together by thermal fusion (by heating). This technique makes the SUPs superior in stiffness, lightweight and durability. The Crocodile EVA foam on the top of the SUP provides ideal grip and comfort while supping. The elastic band allows you to carry gear on the board while supping, without losing it along the way.


Can't leave your dog alone while on the water?

The Stardupp-Control gives you plenty of room for a dogpad. Your best friend can take on any adventure with you.


Prefer to sit down?

Easily transform the SUP board into a kayak. The Stardupp Control features four D-rings on the top of the board. These D-rings allow you to attach a kayak seat to the board. By connecting the separately available Stardupp Ultra Kayak Blade to the standard Stardupp Ultra paddle supplied, you are ready for a wonderful kayaking trip.

If you want to get the most out of your SUP kayaking experience, we recommend checking out the Stardupp footrest.

Due to the excellent quality of all Stardupp boards, Stardupp offers a 3-year warranty as opposed to the industry standard of 1 year.

This set comes with:

  • The Stardupp Double Action Y-2 Pump 20 Psi (2x faster pumping).
  • the Stardupp Leash (ankle strap)
  • the Stardupp Ultra (adjustable aluminium paddle 165-215cm)
  • the Stardupp Slide fin
  • the Stardupp ZIP SUP backpack (backpack for iSUP, pump and paddle)
  • Step-by-step manual + valve key
Article codeSD-162
Length320 cm
Width (cm)82 cm
Thickness (cm)15 cm
Volume (liter)310 liter
Board weight (kg)8 kg
Max rider weight (kg)120 kg
Max. payload (kg)290 kg
Max. PSI15 Psi.