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Stardupp Reload wakeboard 139cm Yellow

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    The Stardupp Reload is a great wakeboard for those who are looking for a nice beginner board at a very competitive price. This wakeboard is specially made for behind the boat. The shape, concave and the fins on the front and back ensure that this board has great grip on the water. This makes learning wakeboarding easy and fun!

    The Reload is made with “compression molding”. This is a technique in which a core made of foam is compressed with resin and a fiberglass top and bottom. This makes the board strong and stiff. The edge of the board ends at a point which provides grip during edging (steering). The fins on the front and back provide grip while the board is flat.

    The Stardupp Reload is a real boat wakeboard and for that reason not suitable for jumps and rails such as you encounter at a wakeboard cable. This requires a different base that is more resistant to wear from these obstacles. Use of this board on ramps and rails will cause wear on the underside and will not be reimbursed under warranty.

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