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Stardupp Vantage Elite Touring 11.4

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    Stardupp Vantage Elite Touring 11.4

    The Stardupp Vantage is a fantastic touring board. A great option for the sporty beginner to advanced supper who is looking for a fast board. The streamlined shape of this sup makes it easy to glide through the water; this makes it easier to cover longer distances.

    The pointed front end and racing fin make sure that this board needs little correction in the direction which makes it easier to reach a high speed.

    The Stardupp Vantage Elite Touring is part of the elite series. All Stardupp Elite SUP boards are manufactured using Double Layer USL Fusion technology, resulting in boards that are superior in weight, stiffness and durability. Because the thermal fusion process is glueless, weight is drastically reduced while material strength, stiffness and durability are increased. Also, these Elite sup boards can handle higher pressure and higher rider weight.

    The Crocodile EVA foam on the top of the SUP provides the ideal grip and comfort while supping. The 2 elastic straps allow you to carry equipment on the board while paddleboarding, without losing it along the way. The new Stardupp Trolley Backpack gives you great versatility in transportation; drag it behind you, carry it on your back or carry it as a suitcase, wherever your next SUP mission will be, carrying your gear will never be a problem again.

    This board has four D-rings on the top of the board. These D-rings allow you to attach a kayak seat to the board. This makes it possible to transform the SUP board into a kayak. By connecting the separately available Stardupp Ultra Kayak Blade to the standard Stardupp Ultra paddle, you are ready for a wonderful kayaking trip.

    Because of the outstanding quality of all Stardupp boards, Stardupp offers a 3-year warranty as opposed to the industry standard of 1 year.

    • the Stardupp Y-2 Double Action SUP Pump (2x faster, 2x lighter pumping)
    • the Stardupp Pro Leash (ankle strap)
    • the Stardupp Ultra (adjustable aluminum paddle 165-215cm)
    • the Stardupp Racing US-fin
    • the Stardupp SUP Trolley Backpack Deluxe
    • Step by step guide
    Article codeSD-038-2022
    Length345 cm
    Width (cm)79 cm
    Thickness (cm)15 cm
    Volume (liter)310 L
    Board weight (kg)9,5 kg
    Max rider weight (kg)150 kg
    Max. payload (kg)280 kg
    FinUS Racing
    Max. PSI18 PSI