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Wakesports kinder waterski set incl lijnen

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Wakesports kids water ski set incl lines

Please note this is a showroom model!

Discover the fun of water skiing with the Wakesports children's water ski set! Designed specifically for young adventurers, this set offers a great way to enjoy the thrill and excitement of water sports. Whether you are a beginner or already have some experience, this set is the perfect choice for hours of fun on the water.

Features of the Wakesports children's water ski set:
Extra Wide Profile: The skis in this set have an extra-wide profile, providing stability and balance on the water. This is ideal for children who are just starting to water ski and helps them build confidence.
Comfortable, Adjustable Bindings: The adjustable bindings are designed for shoe sizes 31 to 38, meaning the set grows with your child. The bindings offer not only comfort but also a secure fit, allowing your child to move freely without worry.
Stabiliser bar: To make learning to water ski even easier, this set comes with a stabiliser bar. This bar holds the skis together, making it easier to keep your balance and stay upright while learning to ski.
Power Distribution Line: The included line can be easily connected to the stabiliser bar of the skis and the handle. This ensures an even distribution of power, making starting a lot easier.

The Wakesports kids water ski set is the perfect choice to introduce your children to the exciting world of water sports. It offers fun, safety and durability, allowing your children to improve their skills and build confidence on the water. Order this set today and let your kids enjoy adventurous moments on the lake, in the river or by the sea!

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