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Aqua Marina CP-1 Adjustable carbon/fibreglass canoe paddle


Discover the ultimate combination of strength and versatility with the Aqua Marina CP-1 Adjustable Carbon/Glass Fibre Canoe Paddle. Designed to enhance your canoeing adventures, this Canadian-style canoe paddle is the perfect companion for any paddler who values quality and performance.

The Aqua Marina CP-1 paddle consists of two parts, making it easy to store and transport. It gives you the flexibility to adjust the length according to your preference and conditions, so you can always make the perfect stroke.

The paddle has a shaft made of 30% carbon and 70% fibreglass, which ensures an optimal balance between strength and weight. This results in a paddle that is durable and easy to handle, even during long paddling sessions. The shaft diameter of 29 mm ensures a comfortable grip and makes it easy to handle the paddle.

The paddle has blades made of 60% PA (polyamide) and 40% fibreglass, measuring 15.7" x 7.5" (40 x 19 cm). These blades are designed to cut efficiently through the water, giving you effortless progress and control over your canoe.

The rubberised T-bar handle offers a comfortable and firm grip, so you can hold the paddle with confidence, even in wet conditions.

Whether you are paddling quietly across a picturesque lake or taking an adventurous trip down wild rivers, the Aqua Marina CP-1 Adjustable Carbon/Glass Fibre Canoe Paddle is here to support you. Enjoy an enhanced paddling experience with this high-quality adjustable paddle and reach new waters with ease and control. Choose quality, choose Aqua Marina.

Article codeB0304618
BrandAqua Marina
length (cm)115-145 cm
Weight740 g
Shaft material30% carbon + 70% fiberglass
Blade material60% PA + 40% fiberglass
Length separate parts (cm)
blade surface (cm²)40 x 19cm