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Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina SAFS finbox adapter

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Aqua Marina SAFS finbox adapter


The SAFS Finbox Adapter is the perfect solution for those who want to benefit from the power of the Aqua Marina BlueDrive electric fin, but want to use it with a SUP or kayak with a SAFS finbox. With this adapter, you can easily switch over and enjoy electric drive without the hassle.

Installation is a breeze - just attach the SAFS Finbox Adapter to your SUP or kayak and slide the Aqua Marina BlueDrive fin into it. It's sturdy and secure, so you can take to the water with confidence, knowing you have powerful electric propulsion.

With the Aqua Marina SAFS Finbox Adapter, you can now effortlessly cover long distances, increase speed and explore new waters, all while enjoying the reliable performance of the BlueDrive electric fin. It's revolutionising your watersports experience.

Choose the Aqua Marina SAFS Finbox Adapter and discover a new world of possibilities for your SUP or kayak adventures. Take control of your journey and experience the thrill of electric propulsion like never before. Hit the road and discover the freedom of effortless paddling with this innovative adapter.

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