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Mspa Mono Round Bubble Spa 6 person

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MSpa MONO Bubble Spa | 6 person


MSpa MONO Bubble Spa | 6 people

The MSpa Mono Bubble spa is unique to MSpa's Inflatable Hot Tub range and is made of drop stitch material, this allows it to be inflated to high pressure for a rigid and firm structure! A ring with 138 air vents, provides easy bubble massage by delivering thousands of bubbles that thoroughly massage the body for a relaxing experience. . The spa can be installed indoors or outdoors in about 10 minutes by one person.

With a waterproof external control box you can control the operation of your inflatable hot tub from heating and bubbles to the timer and filtering, you have complete control over your MSpa Mono. The mono has an O3 OZONE GENERATOR, which helps kill bacteria, parasites, fungi and other viruses and microbes. The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) provides faster heating and long-lasting water heat retention effect In standby mode, the spa's filtration system works automatically every 8 hours and when it's time to clean the filter, the filter button flashes red. In addition, the spa has a child lock, an anti-ice system and an energy-saving timer. An inflatable clip-lock lid and included foam mats help insulate your spa and keep your energy costs as low as possible.

  • size: 173cm ∅x 65cm H
  • number of persons: 6
  • DWF Dropstitch PVC
  • External control box
  • Heat technology 1.2 -18 degrees per hour
  • O3 ozone decontamination method
  • Heat preserving floor mats
  • Energy saving timer
  • Smart filtration
  • Anti-freeze system
  • Child safety lock


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